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Turning Insight into Outcomes that Matter

Senscio’s Ibis Health Program is the first AI-driven care management program that improves outcomes and clinical efficiency at scale. At the heart of the Ibis Program is a patented care management AI that increases member engagement and self-management of chronic conditions through daily reminders and the support of a multidisciplinary care team.


Senscio’s patented Scio™ framework is the inference engine that contextualizes data into holistic “Digital Twins” to create a baseline for actionable intelligence. Within the Ibis Program, Scio automates care processes, increases a care team’s situational understanding, and activates people to self-manage their chronic conditions at home. Senscio’s care platform helps deliver the “right touch” for individuals with complex health needs, coordinating automated reminders and alerts with workflow guidance for the care team.

Senscio’s Digital Twin for Health (DT4H)

Senscio's approach to treating individuals with multiple chronic diseases starts with the person, not the diagnosis. Senscio’s Digital Twin is a unique digital representation of a person’s behaviors, health status and health outcomes. The Digital Twin tracks and trends changes in health related to behaviors and outcomes, and the historical knowledge that is preserved in the Digital Twin is used to anticipate declining health and identify personalized interventions.

Senscio’s Technology Platform: IbisHub™ & IbisNexus™

IbisHubTM is our members’ interface with the Ibis Health Program, delivering the right touch at the right time. Running on an internet-connected, touch-screen tablet, IbisHub delivers alerts and reminders, enables bi-directional video and text messaging, and integrates data from FDA-approved connected monitoring devices.  

The IbisNexus™ platform connects the Ibis care team with our members’ primary care and other medical providers in real-time, delivering alerts, reminders and tasks to the right care team member at the right time to orchestrate efficient care delivery and coordination.

Population Health: Outcomes that Matter

Senscio’s technology and platform allow us to deliver the right touch at the right time and scale our intervention efficiently. This includes powerful interventions like our Self-Recovery Protocols, developed in consultation with the expert clinicians and researchers on Senscio’s Clinical Innovation Council.

The result is improved health outcomes including reduced cost and increased engagement and satisfaction. In controlled trials, Ibis Health members have experienced up to 37 percent fewer hospitalizations, and more than 94 percent of members would recommend the program to others. 

  • Engaging members to self manage
    Engaging members to self-manage
  • Medication management and adherence
    Medication management and adherence
  • Empowering primary care teams
    Empowering primary care teams
  • Daily monitoring and self-recovery
    Daily monitoring and self-recovery
  • Clinical protocols for health alerts
    Clinical protocols to alert member and care team
  • Insight informed clinical decisions
    Insight informed clinical decisions
Individuals with chronic conditions enjoy a greater level of independence, confidence, and comfort in their daily lives, because they know we are constantly watching over their health and safety.

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