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Daily virtual care for people with multiple chronic conditions

Senscio's Ibis Health Program™ increases member engagement, confidence and ability to self-manage chronic health conditions from home. Ibis complements a member’s medical provider relationships, increasing practice efficiency by closing care gaps, increasing care plan adherence and escalating emergent issues to medical providers in order to reduce avoidable acute care utilization.

The Ibis Program is a true system of care, combining the efficacy of trusting 1:1 health coaching relationships with the scalability of a digital platform that continuously learns from patient vitals, symptom and activity data to deliver daily care plan reminders and orchestrate care team workflows.


Daily engagement and support

Users are guided through daily health management tasks and receive just-in-time health alerts driven by AI-guided clinical protocols.


Members complete 85% of care plan tasks

Whole person support

Personal connection and data-driven insight means our care team can make sure the member's care plan reflects their goals and priorities.  


94% of members would recommend Ibis

lady doing yoga at home

Clinical intervention at the right time

Continuous AI analysis of member symptoms, vitals and adherence data alerts the care team when provider intervention is required or the member is at risk of a major health event.


Reduction in ER visits, inpatient admissions, and length of stay

Proactive clinical care powered by AI

Ibis™ learns individual and population patterns and generates actionable insights to inform proactive care planning and goal setting.

  • Highlights sudden changes in health or self-care habits
  • Identifies care gaps and opportunities for intervention
  • Alerts care team when a condition requires review