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Top 50 Healthcare technology CEOs of 2022

Piali De, CEO and Founder

"The Pandemic opened the doors to remote care options and many patients found it to be refreshing. There are however significant nuances to delivering virtual chronic care management to a population who may be dealing with cognitive decline and managing a complex set of health needs" 
Piali De, PhD

Technology innovators magazine, 2022

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Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Providers 2022

“It’s only understanding the cause and effect between our actions and our health that is going to help us apply the therapeutics to ourselves. That’s what digital health is going to do, it’s going to uncover the connection between our actions and our health,” De says. “We’ve got the potential to completely change health care with this.” 

Medhealth outlook magazine, December 2022


Ibis Health program

The Ibis Health program entering it's 5th year

Senscio launched the Ibis Health program in 2018 in response to witnessing the challenges of a loved one with chronic disease falling between the cracks in a fragmented health system. Applying expertise from military defense AI systems and insight into the consumer experience to create a comprehensive whole health care experience that delivers clinical care virtually in the home.

Our story

Senscio is advancing care for the most underserved population of health care consumers with complex chronic health. With a purposefully designed expert system and machine learning, combined with just-in-time clinical support, Senscio is enabling daily virtual care and achieving high value population health.