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Personalized programs for complex populations

Care in the right place at the right time


Proactive daily care drives better outcomes

  • Proven impact on member satisfaction

    Whole-person care planning, daily reminders and virtual coaching increases satisfaction and loyalty. Our program starts and ends with an engaged consumer.

  • Avoiding costly acute episodes

    The Ibis™ AI platform learns throughout a member's care journey by applying individual and population data, predicting when a serious health event may occur and alerting the care team.

  • Integrated across all stakeholders

    Services delivered through Ibis Health Network practices and coordinated with primary care means greater impact and more efficient care navigation for members. 

Scalable support for the highest risk population

Typical members have four or more chronic conditions, HCC risk scores >2.0, and take >15 medications.

94% members recommend Ibis Health


85% adherence to care plan

37% fewer hospital admissions

Having one place where I can keep track of what meds and vitals I've taken is really valuable for me because otherwise I would forget. Since using Ibis, I've gone from visiting the emergency room around 50 times a year to around 20 times a year, which is an amazing accomplishment for me - and I don't think I could have done it without Ibis.

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