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Comprehensive virtual care for Medicare Part B members

Keeping you out of the hospital and well at home


Proactive care for individuals with multiple chronic diseases

  • Daily guidance and monitoring

    Individuals are guided through actionable steps each day to help them follow their care plan, manage medications, track vitals and includes activities to achieve whole health goals.

  • Ongoing health coaching

    Dedicated advocates check in with members regularly to review their health status, check care plan progress and provide ongoing support. Advocates coordinate across all care touch points to ensure an integrated experience.

  • Instant health alerts and support

    Individuals are monitored continuously through their personal IbisHub and receive alerts when their health is at risk along with clinical instructions to self-manage their symptoms in the home. 

Personalized support

Care plans are personalized to meet PCP care goals and the patient's goals.

Unlimited personal support

94% members recommend Ibis

37% fewer hospital admissions

Individuals with chronic conditions enjoy a greater level of independence, confidence, and comfort in their daily lives, because they know we are constantly watching over their health and safety.

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