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Daily support for seniors with multiple chronic conditions

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Intelligently powering complex health management


A system of care keeping older adults

with chronic conditions healthy at home 

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Delivered by a network of partner providers and payers

Senscio is delivering a specialized system of care for older adults with multiple chronic conditions, leveraging physiological and behavioral data, artificial intelligence and a team of chronic care clinical specialists.  Senscio partners with a network of healthcare providers, health plans and membership organizations to improve the outcomes for the aging population with more affordable, proactive care.


At Home Platform

IbisHub™ tablets connect the member at home to the clinical team in real-time. Self-reported data creates insights for timely clinical intervention.


Ibis Health Network

Partner health plans and primary care practices offer the Ibis Health Program to ensure daily integrated whole person care in the home.   



Engaged individuals manage their health, increase their medication adherence and significantly reduce their hospitalizations.

AI-Powered Personalized  Proactive Care 

Combining AI-powered virtual monitoring with clinical team support, individuals are engaged in dynamic daily health management, tracking weight, medications, blood pressure, diet and other health indicators to flag risks for decline before it happens. 

COPD, Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Arthritis, Hypertension, Kidney disease, High Cholesterol, Depression, Anxiety Disorders and more are supported by the Ibis Health Program.


Early intervention prevents acute care, lowers costs and saves lives

" The tablet is self-explanatory and very easy to use, I use it every day. I wake up to it and say good morning. It takes me through my morning medications and eating my breakfast, and just generally checking off things that I don’t think to do, like drinking water.”

"Bringing in Ibis has really allowed us to not compromise on doing things our way, Ibis brings the expertise to translate that into CMS’ language, into Medicare’s language, to take what we’re doing and show how that’s exceeding what CMS is asking for, so that they see that we are keeping patients at home living the life they want to live, which is costing the health care system and Medicare specifically a lot less."

"When you look at traditional Medicare, where the government pays 80 percent and the patient pays 20 percent, and then the patient’s portion may be covered by supplemental insurance, there is a direct impact on both the health plan’s expense and the individual’s expense if the treatment can be more effective, more efficient and in a less expensive setting. That’s really the value of Senscio: It cuts through the barriers to accessing health care, and it does so at a much lower cost than an emergency room visit or even an urgent care visit giving patients the ability to access information and advice on care right away."

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