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Intelligently powering virtual care

Daily support helping individuals with multiple chronic conditions live healthy at home

Delivered by a network of partner providers and payers


Artificial Intelligence

Patented care management AI collects and analyzes behavioral and biometric data, escalating for timely clinical intervention.


Ibis Health Network

Partners deliver the Ibis Health Program to ensure daily integrated whole person care in the home.   



Engaged individuals manage their health, are more independent, stay healthier and live longer at home.

Early intervention prevents acute care, lowers costs and saves lives

Technology-enhanced home healthcare is extremely important for the chronically ill. A system such as Ibis is so powerful because it detects changes in a patient's condition before he or she may be aware. Early intervention is crucial to helping patients with chronic disease remain as healthy and independent as possible.

David Green, MD, Pulmonology

Virtual care services have given my practice a much-needed boost. My patients are so engaged in their health and the monthly coaching calls have led to many issues being treated promptly without an office visit. Plus we get paid for care we already do on a daily basis. My team have reported that patients are happier and we are seeing less emergency visits.

Neil Marshall, Practice Manager

Before I started using Ibis, I struggled with noticing flare ups before they got worse. When trying to manage COPD, preventing and catching flare ups is one of the most important things you can do.  Using Ibis helps me manage my COPD. By constantly tracking my vitals, I can catch small problems before they grow into a larger issue. I feel much safer now.

Lyndon, Ibis member

Senscio is helping healthcare partners deliver transformative care for complex populations

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