People with complicated chronic conditions need support and oversight around the clock, in order to maintain the best possible health.

Often times, this support comes from caregivers. But caregivers alone cannot provide the constant clinical oversight that complex health needs. That is why, Senscio Systems has created IbisTM, an intelligent technology platform in the home that constantly supports self-management of health.

Ibis is designed for people with multiple challenges to good health, including:

  • Physical conditions such as lung, heart and kidney disease

  • Mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorders

  • Cognitive disabilities such as autism and dementia

  • Socio-economis challenges

Ibis collects data from multiple devices in the home and interprets them through artificial intelligence to proactively activate members of the care team to provide timely interventions.

For its users, Ibis delivers strong outcomes:

  • Unprecedented adherence to clinical care plans, including medication adherence, nutrition, exercise and monitoring of vital signs

  • Earlier than usual detection of exacerbations of COPD, fluid retention, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, pneumonia and episodic hypertension

  • Exacerbations of chronic conditions are treated in the home, avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations

  • Easier care coordination

  • Improved confidence in self-management

  • Improved quality of lives for individuals and caregivers

By providing constant support for self-management in the home, Ibis mitigates health risks and cost risks for patients, healthcare providers and payers. It is the future of care for people with complex health.



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